Israel’s President apologizes for 1956 Kafr Qasem massacre

President Isaac Herzog apologized on Friday on behalf of himself and the State of Israel for the 1956 Kafr Qasem massacre of Arabs in the Israeli village, at a ceremony commemorating the victims. “I bow my head before the memory of the 49 victims. I bow my head before you, their families, and before the inhabitants of Kafr Qasem throughout the ages,” Herzog said, “and on behalf of myself and the State of Israel, I ask for forgiveness.” Israeli Border Policemen carried out the massacre in the village on October 29, 1956, the first day of the Suez Crisis. Forty-eight men, women and children were murdered, including a pregnant woman. Her fetus is counted in the village as the 49th murder victim. Herzog is not the first Israeli official to issue an apology for the massacre. In 2007, then-President Shimon Peres also apologized for the massacre during a visit to the city.

— source Jews For Justice For Palestinians | Nov 4, 2021

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