* Godi Media being called out internationally - https://twitter.com/dhruv_rathee/status/1220604176704724994?p=v
* How do you define Courage, Leadership, Multitasking, bravery and fearless in one word? W O M E N
* Fresh Anti-CAA protests staged in #Chennai. Former IAS officer #KannanGopinathan (@naukarshah) joins the protest
* @naukarshah @AyshaRenna @raniyazulaika entry to Pondicherry University. #NoCAA #NoNRC #NoNPR

Amit Shah must resign with his citizen acts.
Boycott Reliance so that the real rulers feel the pain.

Now government is choosing citizen

Advocate Karuna Nundy at University of Delhi{16-01-2020} speech against CAA/NPR/NRC you have all police force then why you cant find out infiltrators any 3rd person can compain that you are not citizen. then you have to do the whole process of getting citizenship again. hindus are really in trouble from 2014. why women are more … Continue reading Now government is choosing citizen

FSDR Bill will Demolish Indian Banking Sector

Thomas Franco It has been reported that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is going to reintroduce the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill 2017, with some modifications and renaming it as Financial Sector Development and Regulation (Resolution) Bill (FSDR) 2019. Talking about the Bill, Thomas Franco, former general secretary of All India Bank Officers' … Continue reading FSDR Bill will Demolish Indian Banking Sector