As drought dries up the Yangtze river, China loses hydropower

The Yangtze River, the third largest in the world, has dropped to half its average water levels, affecting shipping routes, limiting drinking water supplies, causing rolling blackouts, and even exposing long-submerged Buddhist statues. Some 66 rivers across 34 counties in Chongqing were dried up as of last week, Reuters reported. Also last week, the province of Sichuan, which gets more than 80 percent of its energy from hydropower, cut or limited electricity to thousands of factories in an effort to “leave power for the people.” Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, is just a quarter of its normal size for this time of year.

— source | Aug 23, 2022

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One Third of Developing Country Women Become Teen Mothers

On Tuesday, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFA) released “Motherhood in Childhood: The Untold Story”, a report showing that nearly a third of all women in developing countries begin childbearing at age 19 and younger. While total fertility across the globe has fallen, the UNFPA report shows that women who began childbearing in adolescence had almost five births by the time they reached age 40 between 2015 and 2019. Complications from giving birth are a leading cause of death and injury for adolescent girls. But being an adolescent mother can also lead to other grave violations of their human rights and serious social consequences, including child marriage, intimate-partner violence and mental health issues. The youngest child mothers face the highest risks.

— source | 5 Jul 2022

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Teachers’ Forum Condemns NCERT’s Decision to Remove Chapters on Climate Change

After widespread outrage, a teacher’s forum has also stepped in to criticise NCERT for removing crucial chapters concerning climate and weather change from students’ syllabus and has urged a rethink on the issue and reintroduction of the chapters. In a statement released recently, Teachers Against Climate Crisis (TACC) highlighted said chapters on the greenhouse effect, weather, climate and popular environment movements from syllabi for classes 6th to 12th were crucial and should not have been removed.

The deleted chapters include an entire chapter on the greenhouse effect from the Class 11 geography syllabus, a chapter on weather, climate, and water from the Class 7 syllabus, and information about the monsoon from the Class 9 syllabus. The forum also voiced concern that information about popular people’s movements like the Chipko movement and the Narmada Bachao Andolan had been removed from the “Democratic Politics” syllabus as part of the “Popular Struggles and Movements” course.

— source | 12 Jul 2022

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Rep. Pramila Jayapal was asked to go back to India

A armed man was arrested outside of Representative Pramila Jayapal’s home over the weekend after he threatened to kill her if she didn’t “go back to India.” Seattle police responded to the congresswoman’s home on Saturday night after she called 911 and reported an unknown person in a vehicle outside. Authorities arrived at the scene to find a 48-year-old man who had a handgun holstered to his waist “standing in the middle of the street with his hands in the air,” according to a police document. A neighbor told police that she heard the man yell something to the effect of, “Go back to India, I’m going to kill you.” Jayapal, who was born in India and moved to the U.S. as a teenager, became the first Indian American woman elected to the House of Representatives in 2016. The progressive Democrat represents Washington’s 7th Congressional District, which includes most of Seattle.

— source | 7/12/22

[later the person is released from jail.
In india hindutva people also asks same kind of thing to citizen]

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Exposure to ‘forever chemicals’ costs US billions in health costs

Daily exposure to a class of chemicals used in the production of many household items may lead to cancer, thyroid disease, and childhood obesity, a new study shows. The resulting economic burden is estimated to cost Americans a minimum of $5.5 billion and as much as $63 billion over the lifetime of the current population.

The new work revolves around per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), a group of over 4,700 humanmade chemicals that experts have detected for decades in the blood of millions of people. The chemicals are used, for example, in the production of water- and oil-resistant clothing, electronics, and nonstick cookware, and people are thought to ingest them as food comes into contact with packaging. The substances are believed to disrupt the function of hormones, signaling compounds that influence many bodily processes.

Led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, the new study in roughly 5,000 Americans identified 13 medical conditions that may result from PFAS exposure, such as infertility, diabetes, and endometriosis, a painful disorder of the uterus. Together, the diseases generate medical bills and reduce worker productivity across a lifetime to create the costs measured by the study, say the study authors.

— source NYU Langone Health / NYU Grossman School of Medicine | Jul 26, 2022

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Poverty in Germany

Social inequality in Germany continues to rise at an alarming rate. As a result of the pandemic, war and high inflation, the official poverty rate climbed to 16.6 percent last year, which corresponds to 13.8 million people living in poverty. This means that for ever more people—the unemployed, single parents, low-wage workers, poor pensioners—they no longer have the resources to live on. Last Thursday, July 14, the chairman of the federal food bank umbrella organization Tafel Deutschland, Jochen Brühl, warned that the food banks would soon no longer be able to cope with the onslaught. According to Brühl, well over 2 million people affected by poverty are now taking advantage of free food services, more than ever before.

— source | 22 Jul 2022

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Seven Killed in Highland Park, IL as White Christian Terrorist Opens Fire on 4th of July Parade

A gunman in Highland Park, Illinois, killed seven people and injured dozens more on a July Fourth parade route on Monday, setting off a manhunt that paralyzed the Chicago region before a suspect was apprehended by police later in the day.
The wounded ranged from ages 8 to 85. All the deceased victims were adults, Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said Tuesday. Five of them died at the scene, she said.
The suspect, 21-year-old was taken into custody after a tip from “an alert member of the community” helped police track him down in his mother’s vehicle and detained him during a traffic stop. He was unharmed.

— source | Jul 7, 2022

[US fascism reached a level that attack July 4th padade]

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Link between air pollution and child brain development strengthened

Air pollution is not just a problem for lungs. Increasingly, research suggests air pollution can influence childhood behavioral problems and even IQ. A new study led by the University of Washington has added evidence showing that both prenatal and postnatal exposure to air pollution can harm kids.

The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that children whose mothers experienced higher nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure during pregnancy, particularly in the first and second trimester, were more likely to have behavioral problems.

Researchers also reported that higher exposures to small-particle air pollution (PM2.5) when children were 2 to 4 years old was associated with poorer child behavioral functioning and cognitive performance.

— source University of Washington | Jul 14, 2022

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Use of App to Record MGNREGA Attendance ‘Violation’ of Worker Rights, Act

The Peoples’ Action for Employment Guarantee (PAEG) has opposed the rural development ministry’s May 13 order discontinuing manual attendance at Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme worksites with more than 20 workers and replacing it with the National Mobile Monitoring System (NMMS) app. instead of ensuring time-bound action on social audit findings (as is evidenced by the fact that action has not been taken in most of the cases arising from social audits conducted in the last financial year), the ministry is resorting to the use of ‘apps’ in the name of “increasing citizen oversight”. there is no way a mate can check if the attendance entered by him/her is correct, the PAEG wrote that they can make the entries “again and again” but won’t get to see what has finally been uploaded because of which they cannot show it to the workers. Since the app is linked to a SIM card, the mate cannot log in from a different phone with his/her mate ID.

— source | 21 Jun 2022

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Most British COVID-19 mourners suffer PTSD symptoms

More than eight out of 10 British people who are seeking support for having lost a loved one to COVID-19 reported alarming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, new Curtin University-led research has found.

The study, based on data from people seeking help and guidance from the United Kingdom’s National Bereavement Partnership in collaboration with researchers from the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition and Christopher Newport University in the United States of America, also found almost two-thirds of British COVID-19 mourners experienced moderate or severe symptoms of anxiety and depression.

According to the UK’s dedicated PTSD charity, PTSD UK, about 20 per cent of all PTSD cases worldwide are linked to the unexpected death of a loved one.

To date, there have been more than 175,000 COVID-19-related deaths in the United Kingdom.

— source Curtin University | Jul 5, 2022

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