Most Farmers Who Died at Delhi’s Borders Owned Less Than 3 Acres Land

Contrary to the claim that it is mostly ‘big farmers’ who are protest at Delhi’s borders, a study conducted by two economists associated with Punjabi University at Patiala has revealed that those who died during the protest cultivated no more than an average of 2.94 acres of land.

In all, 600 farmers have allegedly died in the protest that is now close to a year.

“The average size of the cultivated plot goes down to 2.26 acres if we include landless deceased farmers who were cultivating on the contracted land,” revealed the study authored by Lakhwinder Singh, former professor of economics at Punjabi University, and Baldev Singh Shergill, assistant professor of social sciences at Punjabi University’s Guru Kashi Campus in Bathinda.

The study, according to Singh, was based on data on 460 of the 600 farmers who died in the last 11 months of protest. The families of the deceased were contacted personally while conducting the study, Singh told The Wire.

— source | Vivek Gupta | 07/Nov/2021

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