No justification for Stallman’s resignation

Richard Stallman, the founder of Free Software Movement, resigned. Did he do something wrong? No. He had some wrong beliefs that he openly told to a semi private email list. Thats a good thing. He openly said things. So others get opportunity to correct him. Right? No. It created a land slide. Finally he was forced to resign from the same institution he founded in 1984 to protect software user’s rights. Then his own project members rejected them. I could not find any genuine reason for all these.

All these happened because he said something about a news article appeared on a news portal. Actually he was analyzing the words used in news article. Ok let it be a bad thing. So you decided it was wrong and asked for his resignation. You have to make a press release about things. Every is fine. I will accept it.

But this was not happened. In the same email discussion somebody wrote that that person was worried about the mail get leaking to press. That happened. Email reached outside. Online lynch mob began. Facebook events organized for protest against him. There was a smear campaign event in officially started. Lot of media telling all kinds of lies about Stallman. Then Stallman’s comment came that he was forced to resign from FSF president position.

This is wrong. I cannot accept it. But FSF did that. By accepting the resignation what FSF tell the world that they approves all smear campaign and lies spread in the society. In another words you can say that FSF secretly conspired with others for these smear campaign to fire Stallman. That usually happen in power structures.

Stallman is not a popular figure. He is only known to people in free software movement and and few other tech people. Sex trafficker CIA agent, his connection to MIT, one computer scientist’s resignation, all the in media give completely wrong information about Stallman. And a lot of lies about Stallman also spreading. People are even putting Stallman’s name for what other people did. They are painting Stallman with what ever paints they like. Complete lies. Some even comes back saying apologies too. But that does not help since the damage is actually done. Complete character assassination based on lies are happening. There is reason for all these. Stallman’s idea actually reduces profit of companies. Means it shrinks economy where all are crying for, what Greta Thunberg mentioned, “eternal economic growth”.

At this context rejecting Stallman’s resignation was the only decision FSF should have been taken. Lets FSF apologize to Stallman and take him back to his position. Lets have a united FSF for defending user’s freedom.


Written by: Jagadees.S

Nullius in verba

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3 thoughts on “No justification for Stallman’s resignation

  1. Stallman’s beliefs were not wrong. He was and is correct. He’s right about paedophillia aswell: men should beable to have young girls as brides.


  2. The rms net lynching got started with the Selam article.

    Remove Richard Stallman
    And everyone else horrible in tech.

    I’d like to add a Content Note: this piece contains mentions of child abuse, rape, and other upsetting topics. An appendix of additional information has also been added at the bottom.

    Isnt it a ‘great piece’? While mit students were out of mit presidents office calling him to
    resign Selam step in with a healing and a title that would grap your attention.

    So in a context of a so bloated and groundless title with the goal of creating distraction
    it wouldnt be strange if the photo-argument she uses is also cheap and catsy.

    I refer to the ‘hot lady’ sign ,which strangely was left unaswered .

    Interestingly i found a picture from 2016 that on the on hand
    is seems partially hidden , but on the other hand if we assume
    that the length of the sign cant be altered that could be
    a basis to photo-counter the hotlady-photo-argument .


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