How QAnon convinced a Parkland shooting survivor’s dad that the tragedy was a hoax

Last month, an anonymous Reddit user with a throwaway account posted in r/QAnonCasualties, a Reddit group for people whose spouses, family members and loved ones have been consumed by the baseless conspiracy theory known as QAnon. QAnon, for the uninitiated, posits that American politics are dictated by an elite, Satan-worshipping pedophile cabal which Donald Trump and his inner circle opposed.

Most QAnonCasualties posts take on a tone of desperation — heartfelt sagas of loved ones who have become unmoored from reality, and for whom the outlandish conspiracy theory is the ultimate truth. This post in particular hit on those tropes, but with an added twist: “I survived the Stoneman Douglas school shooting and my dad is suddenly convinced I’m a liar and part of a false-flag operation,” the pseudonymous poster wrote.

“I think my dad has gone f***ing insane; It’s going way too far and I have trouble processing the last 5 months. He’s always been very conservative, but now QAnon has consumed his life to the point where it’s tearing our family apart along with my mental health,” the Reddit post said. “Back in January he saw the video of Marjorie Taylor Greene

— source | Nicole Karlis | Aug 7, 2021

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Washington’s “yellow rain” lie of the 1980s

To understand how US imperialism works to create pretexts for war and attempt to deflect away from its own criminal activity, it is instructive to remember the case of “yellow rain” in the 1980s.

The “yellow rain” campaign began in 1981, when then Secretary of State Alexander Haig gave a speech to the Berlin Press Association on September 13, where he alleged that the Soviet Union was supplying mycotoxins to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for use against pro-US insurgencies and of employing the same toxins in Afghanistan. Haig claimed, “We have now found physical evidence from Southeast Asia which has been analyzed and found to contain abnormally high levels of three potent mycotoxins—poisonous substances not indigenous to the region and which are highly toxic to man and animals.”

Like today, sweeping statements were made with only minimal evidence and had vast implications. The Reagan administration was directly implying that, by developing a new dimension in chemical and biological warfare through the use of mycotoxins, that the Soviet Union was violating both the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. The former banned the use of chemical and biological weapons in war, after the deployment of various

— source | 2 Jun 2021

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‘Fake News’ a Natural Outcome of Our ‘Give the People What They Want’ Corporate Media System

The tragedy that occurred in Washington, DC., on January 6, 2021 was described by commentators as one of the darkest moments in our national experiment with democracy.

As has been well documented, the violent incursion of the Capitol by thousands of white nationalists, armed militiamen, and a who’s who of MAGA-faithful was sparked by widespread, yet false claims about a stolen election, promoted for months by the most powerful man in the world in his public pronouncements and his social media channels. These lies found a reliable echo chamber in the right-wing corporate media ecosystem—Fox, affiliates of Sinclair Broadcasting, One America News, and a countless array of local and national voices that rhetorically agitate listeners every day on political talk radio. Nevertheless, it was social media that received the majority of the public backlash after the riot.

The resulting poll numbers showing upwards of 80% of the Republican base believing the 2020 elections were rigged against Donald Trump should not be surprising. It is the lucrative dividend of a recurring investment in an apocalyptic narrative by right wing media that began more than three decades ago, one that explicitly indicts the “corrupt” liberal establishment for its unpatriotic assault on fundamental U.S. values. The belief that Satan-loving Democrats, “femi-Nazis,” tree-hugging environmentalists, the Clinton family, and a good chunk of black and brown folks will unrepentantly take over the country someday—unless

— source | Mario Alfonso Murillo | Apr 24, 2021

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Michael Moore, please tell fossil fuel industry that renewables are not against them

The great Michael Moore come up with a new documentary named “Planet of the Humans”. There are lot of things to talk about it. But one striking thing I heard in that.

A visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and Northwestern University told the interviewer that “You use more fossil fuels to do this[manufacturing renewable plant] than you’re getting benefit from it. You would have been better off just burning the fossil fuels in the first place, instead of playing pretend.”

The meaning is clear. To build a renewable plant you have to burn more fossil fuels. This is a new information for me. He may be right. But why the whole fossil fuel industry is against renewable? May be they don’t know this secret.

We are living in a capitalistic system. US is extreme capitalist country. In capitalism its all about profit. If using renewable energy uses more fossil fuels then it will be profitable for fossil fuel industry. They don’t know this truth. That’s why they and ALEC kind of organizations are doing lot of bad things against renewable energy.

So you have to fossil fuel industry leaders that renewable make them more profitable. Some how they got wrong impression. Usually the business leaders are good in maths. I don’t know why they are wrong in this. Thank god, our scholar at UC Berkeley did a good work. So convince them to transfer at least half of the subsidies they get from government.

As per IMF study in 2015, direct and indirect subsidies for coal, oil and gas in the U.S. reached $649 billion in 2015. Fossil fuel industry is a mature industry with more than 100 years of age. No idea why still giving subsidies.

OK, let it be there. If we can give that money to renewables then it will be a great thing. Since renewables uses more fossil fuels, at the end those money with profit will come back to fossil fuel industry.

After this nobody can tell fossil fuel industry as a dirty industry. All will praise our industry leaders. No need to fight with those bad activists and the unnecessary PR work in Breitbart etc. World will become a better place.

Thank you very much Michael. You are great. Keep it up.

Written by: Jagadees.S

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Mike Bloomberg Is Hacking Your Attention

Shamelessness and conflict equal attention. Attention equals power.

Mike Bloomberg and his presidential campaign respect the fundamental equation governing the modern internet: Shamelessness and conflict equal attention. And attention equals power.

Since declaring his campaign late last fall, the former New York City mayor has used his billions to outspend his competition in an attempt to hack the country’s attention. It seems to be working — this column is yet more proof.

— source | Charlie Warzel | Feb. 13, 2020

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