NSA labels Linux Journal readers and Tor and Tails users as extremists

Are you a Linux Journal reader or use software such as Tor and Tails Linux? If so, you’ve probably been flagged as an “extremist” by the NSA. Leaked documents related to the XKeyscore snooping program reveal that the agency is targeting anyone who is interested in online privacy, specifically those who use the aforementioned software and visit the Linux user community website.

The program marks and tracks the IP addresses of those who search for ‘tails’ or ‘Amnesiac Incognito Live System’ along with ‘linux’, ‘ USB ‘,’ CD ‘, ‘secure desktop’, ‘ IRC ‘, ‘truecrypt’ or ‘ tor ‘.

Aside from the Linux Journal, other monitored websites include privacy.li, FreeProxies.org, HotSpotShield, MegaProxy, FreeNet, Centurian, and an anonymous email service called MixMinion.

— source in.techspot.com | 2016

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NSA used Iraq war to develop surveillance capability

The US National Security Agency (NSA) used the Iraq war to develop its global surveillance infrastructure, newly released documents have revealed. The 69 documents, called WARgrams, have been published online shortly after being released in response to a freedom of information request. The WARgrams are newsletter-style communications between former NSA director Michael Hayden and agency employees between 2003 and 2004.

— source computerweekly.com | 07 Sep 2016

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Snowden criticises Amazon for hiring former NSA boss

A former National Security Agency (NSA) chief who was in the post when the Edward Snowden scandal broke has joined Amazon’s board as a director. Gen Keith Alexander, whose appointment was made public on Wednesday, became known to the public after Mr Snowden blew the whistle on the agency’s mass surveillance programs. A spokesman for Privacy International told the BBC the move was “worrying”. “Yes, the Keith Alexander personally responsible for the unlawful mass surveillance programs that caused a global scandal,” he added. Last week, a US federal court ruled that the NSA’s phone record surveillance, uncovered by Mr Snowden in 2013, was illegal.

— source bbc.com | 10 Sep 2020

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NSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU/Linux

The father of Linus Torvalds, Nils Torvalds, is a Member of the European Parliament for Finland. This week, Nils Torvalds took part in the European Parliament’s hearing on the ongoing mass surveillance, and brought a revelation: The United States security service NSA has contacted Linus Torvalds with a request to add backdoors into the free and open operating system GNU/Linux. The entire inquiry is available here on YouTube (uploaded by Hax).https://youtu.be/EkpIddQ8m2s?t=3h06m58s

When my oldest son [Linus Torvalds] was asked the same question: “Has he been approached by the NSA about backdoors?” he said “No”, but at the same time he nodded. Then he was sort of in the legal free. He had given the right answer, [but] everybody understood that the NSA had approached him.

— source falkvinge.net | 2013-11-17

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Justice Department Opposes Compassionate Release For Reality Winner

The Justice Department opposes the release of NSA whistleblower Reality Winner from Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas. She requested compassionate release from prison on April 10. U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine argues Winner has not alleged a medical condition that qualifies her for compassionate release. In 2018, she pled guilty to one count of violating the Espionage Act when she disclosed an NSA report to The Intercept. Winner has served more than 34 months of a 63-month sentence at Federal Medical Center Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

— source shadowproof.com | 21 Apr 2020

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NSA Bulk Phone Data Has “No Discernible Impact” on Stopping Terrorism

A study this week confirmed the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of U.S. phone records has had “no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism.” The New America Foundation analysis covers 225 terrorism cases since 9/11. It says the massive sweep of telephone metadata provided evidence to launch just one case -– a San Diego cabdriver and three others convicted, not of any plots against the United States, but of sending money to a militant group in Somalia.


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NSA Collecting Location Data on Cellphones Worldwide

New leaks from Edward Snowden show the National Security Agency is tracking the locations of cellphones worldwide on a massive scale. The Washington Post reports the NSA is gathering around five billion call records a day that show the whereabouts of cellphone users around the globe. The spying allows the NSA to track individuals’ movements, as well as their personal relationships. The records are fed into a database that monitors hundreds of millions of devices. The data is retrieved by tapping into the cable networks of mobile phones worldwide. Of all the NSA spying programs exposed by Snowden, The Washington Post says the mobile location tracking “in scale, scope and potential impact on privacy … may be unsurpassed.”


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U.S., German Officials Meet at White House About NSA Spying

Top German security and intelligence officials met with their U.S. counterparts at the White House Wednesday as part of an ongoing quest for answers about U.S. spying, including reports the National Security Agency tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. Wednesday’s meeting came after European lawmakers held their own talks with U.S. officials. European Parliament member Elmar Brok of Germany spoke in Washington.

Elmar Brok: “The damage for the United States is so high that something has to be done on that. And I hope that it will be successful, because we need messages to our people that without any purpose it cannot be espionage on Merkel or on citizens. It’s not just leaders; it’s citizens, too.”


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Germany a ‘primary example’ of NSA surveillance cooperation

In his new book Permanent Record, he describes working at “America’s premier signals agency” as being “a dream job.” He also writes of how he uncovered STELLARWIND, which he calls “the deepest secret of the NSA.”

The program was launched after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Snowden claims that, contrary to what the authorities say, it never ended. Instead, it became an instrument of mass surveillance and went “from using technology to defend America to using technology to control it by redefining its citizens.”

Akin to Nazi Germany

— source dw.com | Fabian von der Mark | 17.09.2019