How Richard Stallman repealed Dodd-Frank Act

After 2008 financial crash, US government come up with a new law called Dodd-Frank Act. It put new regulations to bankers so that there will not be any more financial crisis in the future. But bankers dont like regulation. So there were lot of discussions against the law in the media and other events, and private discussions. Then lawmakers started discussing it. Then finally American government realized again that its bad to put regulations! And they repealed the act. So this act acted only for less than 10 years.

Any memory?

In 1930s similar financial crisis happened. Millions lost job. Similarly one of the root cause was bankers doing risky investments using depositors money. So FDR government came up with a law called Glass-Steagall Act. It separated commercial banks and investment banks. Investment banks can do anything with their own money. Commercial banks serves public is separated from the risks. Then next 50 years American economy had no major issues. But as usual bankers were not happy. They organized and had lot of discussions. Finally Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall Act. In 10 years another Great Depression happened.

Why I am saying this

Initially women had no voting rights as per the law. People discussed, organized, protested and finally women got voting rights. Same do for environmental laws.

This is the way democratic system works. There will be laws already. People who have different ideas tell that in public. That will trigger a discussion. If the idea is good more people will accept that and starts organizing for it.

But what if the idea is bad? Nobody or very few will accept it. People will reject it. Nothing happens. The person/persons who brought this up can change their positions.

Stallman also did the same

He had some wrong idea about personal life. Nobody accepted it, including me. They openly told its wrong. Stallman changed his views. End of the story.

But idiots of FSF think that he dont know US laws. So he cannot be in position of president. Then all of his own projects started rejecting him. Its stupid thing. Its a smear campaign.

If they were right then there is no change should happen. Women should not get voting rights, there should not be any environmental laws. To impeach Trump first you have to discuss about it. If these are not possible the only solution you suggesting is violent uprisings breaking all laws and all decency. FSF, are you advising for that? Not allowing free speech, you are advocating for violence. That itself is a crime.

In a democracy people should have the right to free speech. Stallman only used that. But his idea was wrong. He accepted that and corrected it. By asking his resignation FSF made lot of confusion. They should have to apologize to Stallman and the public for making this unnecessary issues. Lets bring back Stallman to FSF and Gnu.

Free speech should be projected. (hate speech and lies are not free speech. its violence)

Written by: Jagadees.S

Nullius in verba

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