The Role of “White Feminism” in the Longest U.S. War

Afghanistan, where the Taliban held a parade in the country’s second-largest city Wednesday to display the American-made military equipment they’ve seized or that was left behind after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby responded by claiming the U.S. has deactivated all the gear U.S. forces abandoned at the airport.

First of all, going to the part of your question that I said it’s a relief that the United States left, because especially if you were in Afghanistan in the past two years, and then when they started making the deal with the Taliban as far as the peace agreement was concerned, and then in the — specifically, in the last two months of it, with the way — you know, because the United States made this agreement with the Taliban that we are going to — you know, you can have — as long as you don’t hurt any Americans, you can go right ahead and have that war. Although they were helping the military of Afghanistan from the air, but the rest of it was like, you know, they were just spectators, and the war was going on.

And in the last two months of it, the situation got a lot worse. The soldiers of Afghanistan were dying left and right. And, I mean, everybody was like — it was like such a disaster. And then there were all of these thugs all over the city of Kabul or in the provinces, and they were doing their thing. And then there was this war. It was so chaotic that, honestly, when they left, at that night, at one minute to 12:00, I was like — I took a deep breath, and I said, “Thank god this is over,” because it was very hard on all of

— source | Sep 02, 2021

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Whose Feminism? Palestine’s Feminism

Women’s History Month is intended to redress the masculinist lens that otherwise obscures female achievements, by highlighting the accomplishments of individual women throughout history. This year, however, a newly formed collective, the Palestinian Feminist Collective, decided to look forward, rather than backwards, as it marked Women’s History Month by launching its first public campaign, a pledge and open letter asking allies to adopt Palestinian liberation as a critical feminist issue.

The pledge, which was first publicized on March 15, very rapidly garnered hundreds of individual signatures: over 2700 in under 48 hours, and over 150 organizational endorsements within that same time period. The signatures were rushing in from the US, where the pledge was launched, as well as Palestine, but also, within what felt like minutes, from numerous other countries, including Australia, Argentina, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, the

— source | Nada Elia | Mar 19, 2021

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The feminist was a spook

Gloria Steinem’s new book, “My Life on the Road,” recounts her life’s journeys and travels. Early reviews and profiles reveal incredible detail of Steinem’s barrier-breaking feminist role, liberal politics, romances, proclivities and style.

What is often missed, or mischaracterized, however, is the work she did as a CIA agent: Steinem was a spook.

CIA agents are tight-lipped, but Steinem spoke openly about her relationship to “The Agency” in the 1950s and ’60s after a magazine revealed her employment by a CIA front organization, the Independent Research Service.

While popularly pilloried because of her paymaster, Steinem defended the CIA relationship, saying: “In my experience The Agency was completely different from its image; it was liberal, nonviolent and honorable.”

Less cloak and dagger and more a young, energetic, global representative for American values and freedom, Steinem leveraged her underwriting to attend

— source | Markos Kounalakis | Oct 25, 2015

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Zionism split the women’s movement in the ’70s

Three months after George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis, thousands are still marching in American cities to decry police brutality and racial injustice. Asymmetric confrontations between heavily armed police officers in protective gear and unarmed civilians — particularly Black people and people of color — have become an almost daily occurrence.

Even as these protests have become a feature of American life in 2020, the images coming out of them invoke another asymmetric conflict — that between Israel and the Palestinians. Despite their different histories, the Palestinian and Black American predicaments have some common features: both groups lack full political rights and adequate representation, are subjected to daily state-sponsored violence, and have been physically segregated by a host of legal and illegal techniques. These affinities have long been recognized by Black activists, scholars, and politicians — from Angela Davis to Marc Lamont Hill, Michelle Alexander to Jamaal Bowman.

Yet pointing out these connections at Black Lives Matter protests has brought out a tension for liberal Zionists and mainstream American Jewish groups — including those who identify as feminist. Caught between their universal ideals of social justice and their affinity with Zionism, feminists within the American-Jewish establishment are grappling with moral contradictions that the current political moment has laid bare.

— source | Dikla Taylor-Sheinman | Sep 10, 2020

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Bombing People Is Not Feminist

MSNBC graphic (1/3/20) celebrating female heads of weapon-making corporations and military agencies.

Have you heard the good news, ladies? You too can bomb the Middle East!

Some corporate media have recently been taken with the “inspirational” story of Emily Thompson, the first woman to pilot the super-costly F-35 jet in combat. At an unspecified time earlier this month, Thompson took off from her base in the United Arab Emirates to bomb an unnamed country.

The New York Post (6/13/20) described her as “breaking the glass ceiling—at lightning speed.” Other outlets used the words “historic” (Fox News, 6/12/20), “awesome” (Australian, 6/15/20) and “empowering” (Jerusalem Post, 6/11/20) to describe the event. “What an inspiration,” concluded Unilad (6/12/20).

Thompson’s ground crew was also all-female, a number of outlets reported, with the International Business Times (6/13/20) including a quote from her bomb loader, telling young girls: “Be confident

— source | Alan MacLeod | Jun 28, 2020

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Things we miss while punishing Richard Stallman

[I am not an English speaker. But I am not sorry for that. Because bloody English is part of bloody British colonialism from that we are still suffering.]

The beginning

Richard Stalman, the founder of Free Software Foundation, was forced to resign from his own institution that he created and built. This became a big news. The reason for that was his 40 years of bad behaviors and problematic opinions. About Free software? Hahaha… No…. Its about his beliefs in his private life. What a strange thing.

But why now?
40 years are you waiting for this time?
Do you need a CIA agent to hang himself in a jail cell to make a point? Lets give him “Feminist of 2019” award.
Then how many CIA agents need to suicide to get justice for the women in this world?

Shame on you people.

The Trigger

Jeffrey Epstein (left) with Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz. If you started your vilification campaign on right time, against real criminals, you could save your dear girls. Rick Friedman / Getty Images

All these happened when one person shared a link from news site The Verge about the testimony of one of CIA agent Epstein victims and asked opinion in MIT mailing list. The news article says the woman was directed by Epstein to have sex with MIT professor Marvin Minsky

Stallman took the news at face value. and replied his assumptions. Another person who a mechanical engineer and a not a professional journalist saw these comments and became very upset. She wrote a blog post and in that she twisted, lied about Stallman’s comment and asked to Remove Stallman…. A hate campaign started against Stallman as usual. People started to write about things about him from birth, real, imaginations and lies.

Online media took this further. They further lied and twisted Stallman’s comment. Main stream media which was looking for distraction caught this and made big issue. (why? If media is honest they should expose all the detailed working of the CIA agent who suicided. There are people think that he was killed.)

Attack on Stallman

This is not the first time Stallman is attacked. The moment he started Free Software movement it started. So its not new to him and he dont care about those.

But this time the tone was different. The is a social sympathy tone was present as background towards those girls trafficked by CIA. But as usual, people dont say it openly. So they say some billionaire with some extra ordinary sex tastes trafficked under aged girls as per US law. So there is this huge sympathy for these girls and the distraction US deep state needed caused a firestorm. That need a pray. Stallman with strong commitment to Software Freedom that made him lot of enemies, with strong criticism towards capitalistic market system and with very successful alternative became a good pray. All are happy. Thats what happened.

Again he never said anything wrong. All accusation in the press are lies.

Harvard professor Steven Pinker. Nick Cunard / AP

Old story

In 2006 also this same CIA agent was caught by law enforcement agencies and there was a case against him. At that time his personal friend and Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined his defense team. Dershowitz called on the expertise of one of his Harvard colleagues, famous linguist Steven Pinker to help find the precise meaning of a federal law about using the internet to entice minors into prostitution or other illegal sex acts. So the CIA agent escaped from that case in 2006. Alex Acosta who was resigned from Labor Secretary position was the US attorney for the Southern District of Florida when this CIA agents’ plea deal was agreed. Its Acosta said this person was working for intelligence. I am not accusing that.

Does these female vigilanties really care about victims? If so what actually they should have to do? You decide.

Lynch mob

Few years back a scientist went some south east asian country for a conference. There he made some jokes against women. Within hours entire planet was discussing about is that right or wrong. The poor person have to resign from his position.

When I heard about this first thing came into my mind why an incident in that south east asian country became news in my small city, especially an incident at science conference? Usually media dont like science.

This is not acceptable. This is smear campaign. This is lynching. Not at all acceptable. This makes the original issue a fraud.

American way of criminal justice

Lets say one person stole a bag from a store or house. Police caught that person. What is the simple, ethical thing police can do? Tell that person whats wrong in doing that and take the bag and return it to the owner. But what if that person is sent to Rikers Island. Even without a trial? Even without checking his innocence? Its wrong. Its unethical.

US police shooting black people saying they are scared of black man. During Obama’s time US police was killing 1000 black men per year rate on American streets. Obama even had a kill list. Every week he approves to whom to kill internationally. There is no due process. American president is the judge, jury and executioner.

Thats these lynch mob doing. Taking revenge will not help anybody, except the system that create mother of all issues, capitalism. If you cannot face one’s opinion at face value peacefully please visit a doctor.

You have to educate people with wrong opinion democratically. Making it a global event is not provide justice. But just for distraction from other real issues happening individual societies.

Software Patents and Freedom of speech

Stallman used to say Software Patents are like mine field. Its like whenever a programmer writes code she/he has to check whether somebody else wrote same code or not before publishing. Otherwise they will come and sue you for breaking patent law. This makes software development more difficult.

Now free speech also getting same issue. Ideas appear in our brain like flash light. Of course environment affects it. But before you can say something if you want to verify it in a checklist makes it like software patents. Its almost impossible to do that. So what people will do. They try to avoid free expression of opinion. This is actually censorship.

Because of this lynch mob lot of people got fired, suicided, life screwed. It like mass surveillance. The panopticon fear makes people obedient. This is what big brother wants and political correctness, identity politics lynch mob doing exactly same.

Freedom of speech is dangerous

Long back we have slavery and feudalism. At that time if you talk against the system the master or king will kill you immediately. After capitalism that is not easy. They can jail people. How many whistle blowers/journalists are sent to jail by Obama administration breaking freedom of speech law.

Capitalism also found lot of workarounds. Thats much easier than applying force. One the tactics is identity politics. Create or twist some incidents and simply call the critics as misogynist. It will become fire in social control media, then news in media. Life become miserable for that person and finally has to surrender to the system.

Freedom of speech if fundamental

Without fear people should get right to speak. What ever it may be except hate speech. As per cognitive neuro biology, hate speech is a crime. What we are talking is opinion. People should have the right to express their opinions. Let the civil society discuss that. Make criticism. Inform the person. Lets give the opportunity for correction or no correction. But thats not happening.

Circle of ethics

On what basis FSF accepted rms’s resignation? Based on ethics? Its stupid. So the board is the supreme authority of ethics? Is that woman is the supreme litmus test for ethics? Shame on you people.

Gender issue is just one issue in the capitalistic society. Everybody has their own circle of ethics based on their environment and knowledge. For example, I see climate change is biggest issue. Its a do or die issue. But I cannot insist that you should accept it. And I cannot ask someone to resign from their position because they dont accepting climate issues. Gender issue is like that. See family separation by Trump administration. If you same thing wrong about it should you be fired from Free Software Foundation?

For those with long memories, Epstein’s “suicide” has a precedent

Unethical bloody educational institutions

MIT is one of the Unethical bloody educational institutions. It is founded by a slave owner.

It is funded by military industrial complex. So ever drop of blood spill from american wars, old and current stains hands of all MITians.

It has very close relations with US intelligence. CIA director John Deutch was a former MIT provost (equivalent of a pro-vice-chancellor). He is an emeritus Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So if you retire from MIT you get job in CIA. This bloody institution has very strong connection to CIA. Thats why the CIA agent put honey trap there.

Do you think they are ethical angels? Shame on you bloody people.

Lot of people reading this may be married newgens. So you may have strong opinions about social issues in the mainstream. But please dont be apolitical just to please your partner. Women please come out of petty feminism. Ask questions.

Attack on Stallman is not at him. its at Free software movement which is based on the idea of copyleft. Like old British tactics they accomplished to divide us. Its up to us whether let them rule us or not. Lets get united under Stallman, the real warrior of Free software, in the fight of software freedom.

Free Software Foundation(FSF) you have to apologize to Richard Stallman.

Written by: Jagadees.S

Train to Nurnberg. Really disappointed to see the situation with RMS

  • Up earlyish, train to Nurnberg. Really disappointed to see
    the situation
    with RMS:

    • I’ve seen Richard at a number of conferences, and I’m
      personally not a fan of his liberal approach to intimacy. I
      might be inclined to warn women of the risk of being
      propositioned by him in advance (arguably his door-plate is
      a strong hint). However, I’m aware that attitudes to this
      topic ebb & flow in the culture.
    • I can only believe that RMS’ E-mail defence of Minsky
      is based on knowing him personally, his character and ethics,
      and preferring to believe he would not knowingly force
      himself on an unwilling minor. I would hope that my friends
      might defend my character posthumously.
    • I fear there is a deeply worrying, ‘lynch mob’
      mentality about this, where truth is de-emphasized in favour
      of outrage, in an attempt to right a wrong.

      • That is understandable, given the outrageous nature
        of the Epstein allegations, it sounds horrific
        from many perspectives.
      • indeed – it’s pretty horrible to have to
        dissect this, the reports are deeply
        troubling, but worth engaging with.
      • I applaud those members of the police &
        judiciary bringing justice to bear, and regret
        that Epstein’s death robbed many of the chance
        to see him answer his accusers & to open
        the box, see justice done & learn
        valuable lessons from the experience.
      • I rejoice to see justice done. Unfortunately
        rushing to judgement on RMS’s comments seems
        unjust to me.
    • From the perspective of wanting to try to tell the
      truth, I find it troubling to see people I otherwise
      respect linking to and promoting articles that they know
      mis-characterise what RMS said. I suspect that this is done in
      order to stir outage and drive just such a rush to judgment.
    • My feeble attempts to understand the sorry facts of the matter
      follow. You can read the text shorn of the Verge’s misleading commentary
    • I guess the core of the most distorted section is this from RMS:
      “We can imagine many scenarios, but the most plausible
      scenario is that she presented herself to him [Minsky] as entirely
      willing. Assuming she was being coerced by Epstein, he
      would have every reason to tell her to conceal that from
      most of his associates.”

      • The description “presented … as” has a clear, but
        slightly unusual meaning – which in context can be explained
        as: “it looked like X (to Minsky) when it was really Y”. How
        you present – is what you seem to be from the outside. That is
        perhaps most clear to English speakers.
      • So – apparently RMS’ argument is that intention is
        important and absent perfect knowledge, there could
        be different perspectives on the same (reprehensible) act.
      • From my perspective – that such intimacy belongs
        exclusively to marriage – I’d want to avoid all these
        problems with a ceremony, vows before
        God, explicit consent from both parties, who know
        each other well & are best friends, ideally in
        front of a large number of approving and celebrating
        witnesses before consumation. Oh, and a giant party to
        celebrate the goodness of it all !
      • However – it is not a surprise to me that this is a
        minority view. I hear there are many ‘apps’ to
        facilitate transient, shallow and commitment free,
        superficial couplings of a duration of minutes.
        This sort of promiscuous interaction seems unfortunate
        and particularly open to the possibility of
        mis-interpretation in twisted circumstances.
    • So then we come to the reporting:
      • Lets start with the misleading
        article – linked by Matthew & Niall. The inflated headline is:
        “Famed Computer Scientist Richard Stallman Described Epstein Victims
        As ‘Entirely Willing'” – by Edward Ongweso Jr. The problem is that RMS
        did not even describe a single one of Epstein’s victims as entirely willing.
        Indeed his next sentence says “Assuming she was being coerced”.
        The nuance of multiple perspectives and ignorance of the situation ie.
        “presented as” is elided.
      • The misleading Daily Beast “Renowned MIT Scientist Defends Epstein: Victims Were ‘Entirely Willing'” – Blake Montgommery seems rather similar but adds a (missing) defence of Epstein.
      • The misleading Tech Crunch: “Computer scientist Richard Stallman, who defended Jeffrey Epstein, resigns from MIT CSAIL and the Free Software Foundation” – Catherine Shu – picks up the previous accusation that now appears to bear no relation to the E-mail thread.
      • Interestingly, the initial polemical blog – “Remove Richard Stallman” – Selam G. – is more accurate and helpfully contexualized than much of the rest of the media. An encouraging take on direct reporting. Even the text that sounds like the lynch mob’s charter: “he didn’t even give the typical, whiney, he’s accused but not convicted defense.” is moderated by the fact that being dead, Minsky can never be tried in a fair process – which is admittedly deeply unsatisfying.
      • So as a preliminary conclusion – accusation inflation transparently exists, and is a real concern. I believe this was at the core of RMS’ initial point in regard to Minsky.
      • In another forum Slashdot reports: “Richard Stallman Challenges ‘Misleading’ Coverage of His Comments on Marvin Minsky” – EditorDavid.

        RMS: The coverage totally
        mischaracterised my statements. Headlines say
        that I defended Epstein. Nothing could be
        further from the truth. I’ve called him a
        “serial rapist”, and said he deserved to be
        imprisoned. But many people now believe I
        defended him — and other inaccurate claims —
        and feel a real hurt because of what they
        believe I said.

    • Some personal conclusions
      • Whether you agree with his principles and ethics or not, RMS is
        a principled old man – who seems to have been forced to step down
        to avoid damage to the institutions he loved: MIT & FSF.
        Please respect his work, and his amazing achievement and legacy.
      • Where I agree with mjg59 is that all our (human) heros are
        flawed, and wouldn’t it be nice not to have figureheads. Where I
        disagree is with the reality of PR, and (self-)promotion: such
        figures arise from re-inforcement effects anyway, fame breeds
        fame, as any D-list celebrity will tell you.
      • Beware: the mob is a fickle friend – I fear adding my small
        voice in support of RMS. Does doing so make me a rape-apologist-apologist
        in the inflated lexicon of our time.
      • I had hoped that when the similar stoning of Brendan Eich
        occurred – that it was just blameless, conservative Christians
        that would be aggressively excluded from the FLOSS community
        (cheered on by a similar set). Now it seems that bumbling
        hippies are also unwelcome; who is next ?
      • It is vital that misbehavior and abuse is caught and corrected,
        and that victims are willing to speak out. However, it is also
        important that “Work hard and you will do well” continues
        to be a foundation of what we do. Aggressive feminism should not
        be a necessary pre-requisite for success in our community.
        We do owe a duty to those who have put so much in, to give the
        benefit of the doubt, and listen carefully to what they are
        actually saying even if we disagree.
      • It seems an unfortunate thing for some to be criticizing RMS
        for making the FSF look bad, while simultaneously spreading the
        very unbalanced reports that exacerbate the problem they
        complain of. That is not a plea for secrecy – but for fair
      • Finally we need a way to retard lynch mobs. Where is the
        noble sheriff who stands in front of the slavering pack with a
        shotgun and risks his life to make sure that due process is
        followed ? What does due process even look like ? What can
        organizations do to bring balance and ensure all perspective
        are heard ? cooling off periods before accepting a
        resignation ? polling their communities ? who can say ?
    • Perhaps my thoughts make you angry; perhaps you feel that
      defending an old man, standing up for his dead colleague is
      insensitive to the many victims of Epstein. Perhaps the
      larger problems you see are so bad, you just want to see
      blood regardless of whose it is; that is understandable.
      However, just possibly it is worth reflecting as
      to whether you are transferring your righteous anger and
      desire for justice in the Epstein case, to attack someone
      else for something very different.
    • Finally, this blog is a hostage to fortune; it is possible
      (but unlikely) that RMS is not a harmless sort but a scheming
      criminal mastermind. Still, one can only work with the
      evidence as it is presented at the time.
    • Update: 2019-09-18 (late) A postscript: Thomas Bushnell’s
      reflections seem aposite; and somewhat sensitive.
    • Update: 2019-09-19 Thorsten posted his
      here; I too have to agree that RMS ” … held views
      incompatible with broad societal norms & ethics”
      , as well as
      lots of views I dislike. It should also be clear that neither
      Thorsten nor I speak for TDF on this topic.

— source | Michael Meeks | 2019-09-17

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