How Dhinkia & Nuagaon have fared different between 2 steel projects

In 2005, when the Odisha government signed an agreement with South Korean steelmaker Posco Intl Corp to set up its mega project, Dhinkia and Nuagaon — two of the eight affected villages near the port of Paradip in Jagatsinghpur district — found themselves on the opposite sides. While Dhinkia opposed Posco, the leaders of Nuagaon supported it.

In 2017, Posco withdrew from the project and recently the Odisha government has renewed its land acquisition drive, but for another project by Jindal Steel Works (JSW) Ltd in the same area. The people of Dhinkia have continued their resistance to the JSW project while there is no support for it in Nuagaon either.

What has changed over the last decade?

“The people of Nuagaon suffered more economically by supporting Posco. They lost their betel vineyards to land acquisition, lost compensation money to chit fund companies and

— source | Priya Ranjan Sahu | 18 Jan 2022

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Reconsider Mumbai’s Coastal Road Project

THE Coastal Road Project planned and implemented by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai [MCGM]- is a road being constructed along the western coast of the island city. The project has faced sharp criticism from city planners and urban conservationists, for giving a complete go-by to sensible transport planning and placing a premium on private transport and, effectively, discouraging public transport. A large part of the road is being built on the land reclaimed from the Arabian Sea in the intertidal area that hosts a vast diversity of marine flora and fauna and serves as a breeding ground for fishes. This intertidal area is also crucial to the livelihood of the Kolis, the indigenous coastal community of Mumbai.

— source | 11 Oct 2020

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