Fascist Kahanist extremists living openly in Israel

Israeli journalist @DavidSheen tells the shocking story of how the fascist Kahanist extremists suspected of murdering
Palestinian American activist Alex Odeh in a terrorist bomb attack in California in 1985 are living openly in Israel

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Conviction Rates in IPC Cases Highest in Non-BJP States

An interesting piece of data that got buried in the voluminous Crime in India, 2021 report, released recently by the National Crime Records Bureau, is that in all six states with the highest conviction rate for crimes registered under the Indian Penal Code – and which covers heinous offences – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not in power.

The data on conviction rates for crimes under the IPC is included in Volume III of the report. Mizoram leaders the list with 96.7% convictions, followed by Kerala (86.5%), Andhra Pradesh (84.7%), Tamil Nadu (73.3%), Nagaland (72.1%) and Telangana (70.1%).

A higher conviction rate reveals that the states worked hard to ensure the prosecution and conviction of those accused and thereby ensure justice to the victims.

The data also revealed that among the Union Territories, Ladakh had a high conviction rate of 91% while Delhi had a conviction rate of 86.6%. They were followed by Jammu and

— source thewire.in | Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar | 02/Sep/2022

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Settler crime always pays

The settlement enterprise’s land grab in Area C of the West Bank continues at full force, under the auspices of the Civil Administration and with the aid of the army and successive Israeli governments. Now the agency is putting forward a plan that would enable the legalization of dozens of illegal, so-called shepherd outposts.

Over the past several years the number of shepherd outposts has grown to 50, earning this form of settler takeover the dubious title of “most common form of settlement outpost in the West Bank.” According to a study by Kerem Navot, which researches and monitors Israeli land use practice and policy in the West Bank, the illegal outposts with the pastoral name have allowed settlers to take control of about 60,000 acres, almost 7 percent of the land classified as Area C.

The appropriation of the land is carried out using what could be called the settler-goat method: A goat, that is a flock of goats and sheep, is brought into an area, creating a need for extensive pasture land. Most of the shepherding outposts in the West Bank operate without a grazing contract from the Agriculture Ministry and only a few have obtained

— source Jews For Justice For Palestinians | Sep 8, 2022

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Case Against Smithfield Foods

It used to be that America’s hogs were produced on small farms – with anywhere from a couple of dozen hogs to a couple of hundred.

Then hog farms were replaced with hog factories.

They are now called confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

The major CAFO player, Smithfield Foods, contracts out with small operators, mostly in eastern North Carolina. Buildings are built to house thousands of hogs.

Hogs produce anywhere from five to ten times more waste than humans. They relieve themselves on slatted floors. The waste drops down through pipes into unlined lagoons. And the resulting smell and disease is a disaster for those living in the surrounding communities – mostly African American residents whose families have lived there for generations.

Their complaints landed on deaf ears until about 2013, when they met a lawyer named Mona Lisa Wallace.

She sued Smithfield arguing that the company’s factory operations were interfering with the reasonable use and enjoyment of her clients’ homes.

— source corporatecrimereporter.com | Oct 4, 2022

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Cyber criminals misusing Aadhaar cards of labourers

Aadhaar cards of Nepalese have been misused by cyber criminals in five to 10 per cent of the cyber frauds in the past two years. Investigations of cyber crime cases revealed that the miscreants used Aadhaar cards of Nepalese and labourers from Bihar and Jharkhand to procure SIMs and create online bank accounts by submitting their (Know Your Client) KYC details which were used to dupe people.

As many as 12,665 cyber complaints were received in the past two years (2020 and 2021) and 320 FIRs were registered.

About 50 per cent of the complaints pertain to financial frauds, 30-35 per cent to social networks and rest are miscellaneous.

In a new trend, fraudsters are targeting hoteliers, shopkeepers and coaching centres. Details of Facebook pages of hotels in Himachal are changed to take advance money from customers making advance bookings.

Cyber criminals are also calling coaching centres, pretending to get admission, and shopkeepers for home delivery of items. They ask for account details on the pretext of

— source tribuneindia.com | Jun 09, 2022

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Wikileaks, Dickileaks & Ubuntu Underage girl

The UK has taken the next step towards extraditing Julian Assange to the US. This is a sad day for journalism.

With all the sex crimes revealed in Australia during 2021, we can’t help feeling Assange has been a scapegoat.

Then again, we couldn’t help thinking there is nothing new here.

How quickly people forget the St Kilda Schoolgirl.
Revealed: St Kilda Schoolgirl is NOT from St Kilda

As the girl was only 16, the press got into the habit of calling her the St Kilda Schoolgirl. In fact, she is not from St Kilda. She only got that name because of her relationships with the St Kilda Football Club.

The news we have to share today is that Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and the St Kilda Schoolgirl (Dickileaks) are both from the same place: FRANKSTON.

— source fsfellowship.news | Jun 19, 2022

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