WikiLeaks website is struggling to stay online

WikiLeaks’ website appears to be coming apart at the seams, with more and more of the organization’s content unavailable without explanation.

WikiLeaks technical issues, which have been ongoing for months, have gotten worse in recent weeks as increasingly larger portions of its website no longer function. Even attempting to visit is a gamble in itself, often producing a 502 message that indicates an error was detected on the website’s server.

When the website does become available, problems still abound. The main banner on WikiLeaks, which includes the organization’s logo as well as links to subdomains such as the “About” page, has been entirely missing since earlier this month. A similar banner at the bottom of the page, which once showed links to sites for Bitcoin and the Tor Project, is now gone as well.

A search bar that once scoured the site for information also appears to no longer work and instead redirects users to the homepage.

— source | Mikael Thalen | Nov 22, 2022

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