Cyber criminals misusing Aadhaar cards of labourers

Aadhaar cards of Nepalese have been misused by cyber criminals in five to 10 per cent of the cyber frauds in the past two years. Investigations of cyber crime cases revealed that the miscreants used Aadhaar cards of Nepalese and labourers from Bihar and Jharkhand to procure SIMs and create online bank accounts by submitting their (Know Your Client) KYC details which were used to dupe people.

As many as 12,665 cyber complaints were received in the past two years (2020 and 2021) and 320 FIRs were registered.

About 50 per cent of the complaints pertain to financial frauds, 30-35 per cent to social networks and rest are miscellaneous.

In a new trend, fraudsters are targeting hoteliers, shopkeepers and coaching centres. Details of Facebook pages of hotels in Himachal are changed to take advance money from customers making advance bookings.

Cyber criminals are also calling coaching centres, pretending to get admission, and shopkeepers for home delivery of items. They ask for account details on the pretext of

— source | Jun 09, 2022

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