The Roe Disaster — And What To Do About It

The right is on the verge of achieving what it has promised to accomplish for decades: the destruction of a federal, constitutional right to an abortion.

Democrats have for years raised small donor cash off of the perpetual conservative threat to reproductive rights, and then evaded opportunities to protect those rights, even when they had control of the White House and congressional majorities.

There are obvious lessons: Don’t lose winnable presidential elections to reality TV show hosts, don’t protect the ego of aging celebrity judges when it could cost liberals Supreme Court seats, don’t permit billionaires to anonymously buy lifetime appointments to the high court, and don’t mobilize the party’s electoral apparatus in defense of anti-choice politicians.

It’s also a reminder of how minoritarian the United States government is. While the vast majority of Americans support the right to an abortion in at least some circumstances,

— source | Julia Rock, Matthew Cunningham-Cook, Andrew Perez, David Sirota | May 4, 2022

Nullius in verba


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