How the War in Ukraine Could Have Been Prevented Decades Ago

Thirty years ago the current conflict with Russia was foretold and feared. George Kennan, James Baker, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Sam Nunn, and Thomas Friedman, among others, all warned in the 1990s of a new Cold War if NATO was expanded without including Russia.

In order to understand what’s going on in Ukraine from Vladimir Putin’s point of view, you have to go back to 1990 when the Soviet Union was collapsing. Talks were proceeding about the pending unification of Germany, which the Soviets could have vetoed.

There is no question that the U.S. and NATO — President George Bush and Secretary of State James A. Baker — made a deal in early February 1990 with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze.

According to documents declassified in 2017, the deal essentially was that the Soviets would allow German unification with the written “ironclad guarantees”, that NATO would not

— source | Blake Fleetwood | Feb 24, 2022

Nullius in verba

One thought on “How the War in Ukraine Could Have Been Prevented Decades Ago

  1. the soviet union had a desperate fight for survival in ww2 . Stalin was also a leader in a different time. he had to become a ruthless person of human sacrifice . he could not have any sympathy in him as he was already a brutal person in reaching the situation of a communist state. Hitler was also that way . in Americas fight for independence it was a criminal act according to the law that was in force which was Great Brittan owner of subjects and property now called USA. to win ww2 the fight took the soviet union all the way to Germany . Also communist government installed in each state ensured victory and security for the war effort. Germany was defeated . in order to maintain security of achieved goals for inside Russia captured areas had to be maintained as there were opposing ways of government ideas for the world . my entire life in America has been one of physical and mental torture at the hands of federal and military insane humans . monsters . this is because in about 1956 1957 in a hospital in California silent brain to brain frequency tone rings were installed inserted surgically in front of each ear drum . these can be felt with any persons fingers as they can be moved around under the flesh by any persons fingers. sexual abuse and horrible physical and mental torture all the time .because in hospital also in surgery i was made not to think anything like a combat injury. this is the real America not the one presented to the world. as a result of my situation i was made privy to the 911 2001 operation in 1969 . i did not agree with this action and was being tortured in my home while my care taker was on holiday to the Oregon coast . I had left my home and was on the dirt road leading to the highway . while being tortured . I was 14 years old. I was almost run over by a neighbor because of the torture . she stopped and i basically fell into the car screaming about that I am wired by the us. government and they have informed me about a plan to fly planes into the world trade center and place a deadly virus in china i need something to write on . I had in my care slides stolen in a different operation that were being taken possibly to a different country that were to be used in this operation i did not agree with . i could not remember the names on the slides which were H5N1 and H I V serum . the other slides that had copy of unknown variants of H had already been taken away. so i wrote on a piece of newspaper what i thought the remaining were but i could not be sure . the woman was retired from soviet union service . i had not known this . she was rushing a visiting nephew to the hospital . later they wanted more detailed information and i was able to bring the slides which they photographed and provide more detailed information . then there were discussions which also included the plan to dissolve the soviet union and the security issues that would be presented with that situation . then more information about some of todays modern computer tech . which became windows of about win 98.this tech was also about weapons and communications systems used by the public but very little was written for them . this tech was because i am also a person with A I of course because of the operation in hospital on my brain and the rings. this system is silent and belongs to a huge western cult that is goal is world domination . not world domination with democracy that is a tool they are using . ow ever as tortured as my life has been i have been able to experience much of it and think it is best for people but a federal and military side must maintain order in which in USA has obviously been lost. because these people have complete control of the situation and they are sadists who care not about the destruction of the world to reach their goal of world domination. as even with a few remaining they could enslave the entire human race. so the situation in Russia then in 1969 was that some democracy was desired by many in government but of course the known situation by the world about the soviet union was real of course. So as the security situation of a transition of the ex soviet areas after the soviet union was a situation was a situation to be discussed because of the enemy as i had asked them who is the enemy now not knowing about NATO they said NATO. so i said what country by Russia they said Ukraine so the situation would be that NATO cannot have Ukraine because of the situation with if USA does 9112001 they cannot be trusted . later i was put by to have conversations with ATTA and others of Jihad in the late 1980s and early 1990s. again the real situation for Ukraine is the west cannot be trusted . this causes a security problem in a military and economic way for Russia and also China while the west uses democracy as a tool for secret or open aggression for world domination .the spirit of the idea of democracy by the world in a propaganda plan was also discussed .so now media has become a weapon using humans not part of the situation the victims in Ukraine do not matter . the situation is a security situation that may still take many years to fade . problems in Ukraine go back to 1345 . to solve this situation requires the population of the world to speak out that Russia has a security issue and should have bases in Ukraine and Ukraine should be allowed a national Army . this is to keep security in Ukraine . because the the person of Ukraine is one of protest as that is their national history. and just their luck they wind up in between 2 opposing ideas for government . one communist one democratic the communist stopped expanding to areas and has been working hard to adapt to democracy this is very difficult as people become trapped in their positions . and the west has been breaking agreements . to expand areas for personal growth. the words the enemy has been dropped from all conversations in the west . Russia cannot be strangled economically by the west using NATO . an opposing form of government . the unity of Nazi Germany was admired by the entire western world until war happened . do this form of government can happen at any time . then it will be a completely military situation and nothing else with no diplomacy. this is the situation for Russia as it slowly transitions to democracy or a form of communist situation that does the common very well . so again the security situation is NATO expansion . and the desires of the military and industrial complex of the west that is only in the interest of money . ths has been a communication of the electronic government of the united states .


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