Germany Refuses to Send Arms to Ukraine

Germany, where the new coalition government has refused to send weapons to Ukraine, even as the United States and other European nations have sent military support. Germany also banned Estonia from supplying German-origin howitzer weapons to Ukraine. Germany did send Ukraine 5,000 combat helmets last week to help protect soldiers in case of an attack by Russia. Germany’s defense minister said the move was a signal to Ukraine that, quote, “We are on your side.” But the move was ridiculed by others calling for a stronger stance, sending active military weapons. This comes as the head of the German Navy resigned this month after he made comments that downplayed the crisis, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin deserved respect. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has promised his country is in tune with EU and NATO policies towards Russia, but insisted, quote, “We don’t provide any lethal weapons.” Scholz spoke earlier this month at the World Economic Forum.

— source | Feb 01, 2022

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