Beaten by White Supremacists in Virginia

Another suspect in the brutal beating of a young African-American man during the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been arrested in Georgia. Thirty-three-year-old Alex Michael Ramos is charged with malicious wounding for allegedly attacking anti-racist protester Deandre Harris during the Unite the Right rally. Earlier this week, police in Ohio also charged 18-year-old white supremacist Daniel Borden in connection to Harris’s attack. The police have faced criticism for failing to quickly investigate and arrest Harris’s attackers. Photos and video showed at least six white supremacists punching, kicking and beating Harris with large metal poles.

Zach D. Roberts talking:

I was walking along, following the white supremacist/Nazi rally—rally march that had happened after they cleared the park and called it an unlawful assembly, so the permit had been ended. They’re walking along the street, actually in the direction of the police station and where the parking garage was, which is right next door to it. They share an alleyway. And suddenly, a fight breaks out behind me. Deandre Harris comes running out and is followed by about a dozen white supremacists, who are chasing him with clubs, helmets and shields and every sort of weapon they could find. And they shove him into a parking arm. He falls down. They keep beating him, kicking him, using whatever they can find. Borden, the guy with the white helmet that you see, that was, thankfully, finally arrested in Ohio, he used the parking arm to hit Deandre Harris, who, finally, thanks to his friends, was able to get away and hide out in a parking—the parking staircase, and finally, with no help to the police, then get across the street away from all the white supremacists.

I did talk to the FBI for about 25 minutes. And the only thing that they had any interest in—I tried telling my story to them, but the only thing they had any interest in talking

— source | 2017-09-07

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