Three families, three stories, and Sheikh Jarrah

Once upon a time in Jerusalem there was a man named Tawfiq Canaan. He was a well-known physician and medical researcher, a senior doctor at Bikur Holim Hospital and the director of several hospitals, including Hansen, for people with leprosy (Hansen’s disease); Shaare Zedek and Augusta Victoria. He was also an ethnographer, a historian of Palestinian folklore, the owner of a large and impressive collection of local amulets and ritual objects, a resolute political spokesman for his people and a sharp-penned warrior against British and Zionist colonialism.

The Canaan family lived in an attractive home in the Musrara neighborhood, just one of several houses it owned. Their house stood opposite the Old City wall, on Godfrey de Bouillon Street, now called Ha’ayin Het Street.

In February 1948, Musrara was shelled for the first time. On May 5 the house suffered a direct hit. Dr. Canaan and his family left their home and found refuge in the Greek Orthodox monastery inside the Old City. They were sure that they would soon return home. Every day the doctor and his wife watched from the ramparts of the walls of the Old City

— source Jews For Justice For Palestinians | B Michael | Dec 30, 2021

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