Gaza’s few Christians lift economy

Despite their small number, Christians are an integral part of the Palestinian social fabric in the Gaza Strip. Many active Christian institutions provide aid to marginalized segments of Palestinian society without distinguishing between Muslims and Christians. These include the Near East Council of Churches, the Young Men’s Christian Association, in addition to many Christian schools.

“The economic situation in the Gaza Strip is catastrophic and stagnant due to the PA salary cuts this month and the ongoing blockade and repeated Israeli military operations,” Maher al-Tabbah, economic analyst and director of the Gaza Commerce and Trade Chamber, told Al-Monitor. “International projects offered by donor countries to institutions in the Gaza Strip are reviving it. These projects are limiting catastrophic crises, providing job opportunities, curbing unemployment and poverty and giving citizens some hope.”

Many Christian institutions have played a strong role in Gaza’s economy, such as the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which offers temporary employment projects and support. The Middle East Council of Churches Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees has been offering training sessions and professional training diplomas for years.

The Pontifical Mission for Palestine, as well, helps construct institutions, and there are private Christian schools and hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Caritas provides aid and

— source Jews For Justice For Palestinians | Hadeel Al Gherbawi | Dec 23, 2021

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