Apple Sues Israel’s NSO Group

Apple on Tuesday sued NSO Group, accusing the Israeli company—widely criticized for selling surveillance technology to repressive governments around the globe—of infecting targeted iPhones with Pegasus spyware, which has been used to crack down on dissidents and journalists. In its lawsuit, the U.S. tech giant accused the Israeli surveillance company of violating its terms and conditions as well as U.S. federal and state laws. Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) celebrated Apple’s lawsuit, which comes just over two weeks after researchers from Amnesty International’s Security Lab and the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab revealed that before the Israeli government outlawed six Palestinian human rights groups, the cellphones of activists from those organizations were infected with Pegasus spyware. “Spyware is a critical Israeli export,” JVP noted. “It’s about time they are forced to be held accountable.”

— source | Nov 23, 2021

If this were the start of a general campaign by Apple to sue all companies that make spyware for the iMonsters, it would be admirable (though it would not excuse making the iMonster software nonfree). But I don’t expect that. I expect it will be limited to the snooping done by programs that are not authorized to be on the machine at all — which means, disregarding the bulk of snooping.

Shall we expect Apple to sue Google, Amazon, Zoom and Uber for snooping on Apple users?

Shall we expect Apple to sue Apple for snooping on Apple users?

Nullius in verba


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