Independent Kisan Commission Needed to Addressing Agrarian Crisis

The country desperately needs an independent Kisan Commission to assess the grim situation about farmers’ income and distress faced by the agrarian sector, the impact of climate change on cultivators and other related stakeholders like agricultural workers, fishermen and people engaged in hatcheries, said senior journalist P Sainath, who has extensively covered the rural economy in India. He said the process of setting up such a commission had begun.

Addressing a press conference on solidarity with the agitating farmers here on Thursday, Sainath, while hailing “the incredible” victory of farmers through reversal of three farm laws, said the laws were not about farm sector alone and indeed disenfranchised the citizen of India from their fundamental right to legal remedy.

“The farm laws were not only about the agriculture. Through Section 17, 18 of Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act 2020, the Centre led by PM Narendra Modi infiltrated the states’ territory to determine the fate of millions of farmers without any consultation and consent. It also disenfranchised people from their right to legal remedy under Article 32. It caused so much uproar that the Delhi Bar Council had to write to the President that it was unconstitutional and thousands of lawyers will be affected because rural India has many cases related to land in district courts. They made a precedent about snatching this right first in Karnataka, where similar clauses were

— source | 25 Nov 2021

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