Judge exonerated two men convicted in the assassination of Malcolm X

A New York judge has exonerated two men convicted in the assassination of Malcolm X in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, February 21st, 1965. This came after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the Innocence Project conducted a nearly two-year investigation that uncovered key evidence was withheld at the trial of the two men, 83-year-old Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam who died in 2009. On Thursday Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance apologized in court to Aziz and the family of Islam. Vance also called out former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

ut of body to be sitting there and watching an exoneration, not a pardon, an exoneration, long after half a century, a half a century, of a man who was still living! A man present, 83 years old. And to watch the government admit that these brothers were sent to prison for a crime they did not commit, it was stunning. It was stunning. It was breathtaking, honestly. It just took my breath away.

— source democracynow.org | Nov 19, 2021

Nullius in verba

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