Three indigenous Palestinian secrets

Most Palestinians see themselves as the self-evident indigenous people of the land. The relationship with the land, agriculture, and ancestral heritage has solidified this over centuries. However, huge efforts have been put in by Zionist propaganda groups to erase this fact and undermine this status. Like other colonial endeavors, the colonizer exerts his will on the land for self-profit with a disregard to local wisdom and possible consequences of their actions.

Over the past four months I have encountered a number of Palestinian “secrets” that either Palestinians keep to themselves in order to protect their heritage, or that others keep from the Palestinians in order to deny them from it.

First, at the beginning of August of this year, Jerusalem faced severe forest fires which consumed the hills of pine trees and uncovered a secret; Palestinian terraces. These terraces date back to the Ottoman period and consensus is that were in fact constructed by the indigenous Palestinian population. This is an ancient technique which attempts to

— source | Jack Munayer | Sep 13, 2021

Nullius in verba

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