Banning Abortion doesn’t Stop the Need for People to Access Abortion

Last week, the Department of Justice sued Texas over a new law which bars abortions around six weeks into a pregnancy, without an exception for rape or incest, and allows anyone in Texas to sue patients, medical workers or even a patient’s family or friends who so-called aid and abetted an abortion, like took someone to a women’s health clinic.

Over the weekend, a longtime physician in Texas revealed he has defied the law and provided an abortion in order to care for one of his patients. Dr. Alan Braid made the admission in an article for The Washington Post. He writes, quote, “I acted because I had a duty of care to this patient, as I do for all patients, and because she has a fundamental right to receive this care. I fully understood that there could be legal consequences — but I wanted to make sure that Texas didn’t get away with its bid to prevent this blatantly unconstitutional law from being tested.”

Dr. Braid went on to recall how he was in medical school in 1972, a year before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling guaranteeing the right to a safe and legal abortion. Dr.

— source | Sep 20, 2021

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