Sanctions on Iraq kill 200 children every day

Last August, the defence minister John Spellar described the no-fly zones over Iraq as “international zones, designed by the international community”. This is false.

Imposed and enforced only by the United States and Britain, these zones have never been ratified by the United Nations and have no basis in international law. The official reason for them is the protection of the Kurds in the north and Shi’a in the south from Saddam Hussein’s military. This, too, is false.

During the Gulf war, far from protecting Kurds and Shi’a, the American-led coalition slaughtered them. Most of Saddam’s conscript army were Shi’a and Kurds. Reporting from the carnage of the American “turkey shoot” on the Basra Road, Kate Adie noted that “those who fought and died for Iraq here turned out to be from the north of the country, from minority communities, persecuted by Saddam Hussein [such as] the Kurds”.

Two weeks later, in February 1991, the Shi’a in the south responded to George Bush’s call that they should rise up against Saddam Hussein. The rebels soon controlled most of the

— source | john pilger | 6 Mar 2000

Nullius in verba

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