U.S. military trained Colombians are in Haiti assassination plot, Pentagon says

Some of the former Colombian servicemen arrested after last week’s assassination of Haiti’s president previously received U.S. military training, according to the Pentagon, raising fresh questions about the United States’ ties to Jovenel Moïse’s death. Colombian officials initially said that 13 of 15 Colombian suspects in the July 7 assassination plot once served in that country’s military, including the two killed by Haitian authorities after Moïse was fatally shot inside his home. It is common for Colombian troops and other security personnel across Latin America to receive U.S. training and education. Colombia, in particular, has been a significant U.S. military partner for decades, receiving billions of U.S. dollars since 2000 in its effort to battle drug trafficking organizations, leftist guerrillas and far-right paramilitary groups. That effort has included CIA-backed missions and a close relationship between Colombian military personnel and the U.S. Green Berets, who help train their elite counterparts in guerrilla warfare.

— source washingtonpost.com | Jul 15, 2021

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