Ban on Private and Corporate Use of Facial Recognition

Groups call facial recognition “too dangerous to exist,” say it must be abolished. More than 20 civil and human rights organizations are expanding the fight against facial recognition and calling for a ban not only on government and law enforcement use of the technology, but also private and corporate use. The letter, which highlights recent abuses by corporations including Uber Eats, Amazon, and Apple, states that this technology threatens to suppress workers’ rights to organize, makes frontline workers susceptible to harassment and exploitation, puts personal biometric data in danger, and exacerbates existing biases. Facial recognition is one of the most dangerous forms of surveillance ever invented. We know that its use — both by private and government entities — puts Black and brown communities already targeted by state violence at an even higher risk of arrest and incarceration.

— source | Apr 14, 2021

Nullius in verba


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