Google is now tracking your private, personally identifiable information from all sources possible

Since this summer, new users are now being tracked to Google’s fullest potential unless they opt-out. Google has bought many tech companies over the last few decades. DoubleClick is an extensive ad network that is used on half of the Internet’s top 1 million most popular sites. Now, Now that DoubleClick’s data is available to Google, Google can easily build a complete profile of you, the customer. This profile could include name, search history, and keywords used in email, all of which will expressly be used to target you for advertising or handed over to the government at the drop of a rubber stamp.

How to protect yourself from Google tracking

Consider leaving Google’s centralized services entirely and only connecting to the Internet via a VPN and with the proper tools in place on your browser. Check out PrivacyBadger by the EFF.

— source | 2016/10

Better not to use any Google services.

Nullius in verba

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