The front lines of climate disaster in 2020

A lot happened in the world in 2020, and climate change didn’t pause while the world’s attention has been on the Coronavirus pandemic. But which areas of the world have been most affected by climate change in 2020? Christian Aid released a report at the end of December that gave us a top ten. They are as follows:

  1. Atlantic hurricanes – $40 billion in damage to the US and Central America.
  2. Floods in China – $32 billion
  3. US fire season – $20 billion in damage across the West Coast.
  4. Cyclone Amphan – struck India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, $13 billion.
  5. Floods in India – $10 billion
  6. Locust swarms in Africa – $8.5 billion in harvest losses across East Africa.
  7. Storms in Europe – windstorms Ciara and Alex caused $5.9 billion in damage.
  8. Fires in Australia – $5 billion.
  9. Floods in Japan – the Kyushu floods cost $5 billion.
  10. Floods in Pakistan – $1.5 billion.

— source | Jan 7, 2021

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