Top fossil fuel industry tactics

Here’s a neat top ten that I came across recently from Jacqueline Patterson at the environmental and climate justice department of the NAACP. It summarises ten common tactics that the fossil fuel industry uses to delay action on climate change, with a full report detailing each one here. They’re not just used by fossil fuel companies either, but many others with a vested interest in the status quo. With some notes from me on each of them, here they are:

1. Invest in efforts that undermine democracy – the most notorious example in the US is the American Legislative Exchange Council, which provides off-the-shelf policies to suit corporates. We’ve also seen fossil fuel companies recently try to use trade deals to change the rules in their favour, with plastics in Kenya, and we can expect similar moves when Britain negotiates its post-Brexit deals.

2. Finance political campaigns and pressure politicians – see the vast donations pouring into the US election, with 85% of donations from oil and gas interests going to the Trump campaign.

3. Fund scientists and scientific institutions to publish biased research studies – exhibit A in this one is the Koch Foundation, which has made so many strategic investments in universities that there is an entire organisation dedicated to undoing the damage, Unkoch My Campus.

4. Contend that government regulations hurt the economy, taxpayers, and poor people – with the support

— source | Jeremy Williams | Nov 12, 2020

Nullius in verba

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