Interview with Richard Stallman and Brian Gough, of the GNU Project

In this anniversary issue of Revista Espírito Livre, the interview is with Richard Stallman and Brian Gough, both from the GNU Project. The conversation is conducted by Alexandre Oliva, Revista Espírito Livre columnist and Free Software Foundation Latin America member.

Revista Espírito Livre: Why did the world need a, erhm, gnu 🙂 operating system back in the ’80s?

Richard M. Stallman: The world needed a free software operating system, because there wasn’t any. So I decided to write one. Then I made technical decisions: decided to follow the design of Unix to make it portable, to make it upward-compatible with Unix so that Unix users could switch easily, and to support only 32-bit machines or bigger, to avoid the extra work of supporting a small address space.

REL: What roles do/did you play in the GNU project, and for how long?

— source | Apr, 2010

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