What is environmentalism

Environment means our surroundings. Why do we have to ague for our surroundings? That is the biggest question of our time. We live in that surroundings. That surroundings is changing inappropriate forms. It is not changing itself. We are all changing it. To have a comfortable life for all we have to put some control on those changes. That process is called environmentalism.

What are the changes are happening, how it gets affect us, these kind of things are not found using religious meditations. scientists does scientific studies on our environment, forest, sea, atmosphere, plants, microbes etc. All the findings they found collectively called Environmental science.

These scientists what ever they find publish that. All others have to learn these findings and make appropriate changes in their area of work. But this does not happens. Because we are living in a system of alienations and selfishness we does only those things which are profitable for us. Lot of things we will not do.

For example, take global warming and atmospheric CO2 density. We found that particular nature of CO2 in 1824. Oil companies done research on it in 1950s. They confirmed the truth. But after that what they did? Huge PR work started to make such an important issue to disappear. That is still going on.

Because of these vested interests world governments could not do any right things. In democracy government is for the people. If it is not working for the people then it is clear that they may intervene. So those vested interests worked very well in that aspect too. They divided people into different groups to make them fight each other , deluded them in entertainments so that they sleep always.

Environmentalism is the act to collect scientific information and without loosing science and simply for the common people, spread that in society, wake up those sleeping citizen, educate the rulers as per society’s decision, and organize strikes to make it happen if needed.

it’s fundamental is pure science. Not magic. You cannot know the level of Co2 with magic. There are also attempt to do such things. But it’s like vaccine as said before.(1)

1. Vaccine against rationalists

Written by: Jagadees.S

Nullius in verba

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