Rapes and the rise of Hindutva in India

Recent news about a rape and killing of the victim became a big issue in one of the Indian state, Telangana. Since one of the perpetrator belong to a minority religion, fake news factory of the hindutva force filled internet with lies.(1) This social media driven mobilizing poured fire in people’s mind. Very big protests happened in Hyderabad.

When Kathua incident happened, same hindutva forces with fake ids tried to started a violent movement in my state. Even secular parties fell into their traps in isolated cases. But soon it was caught and police brought the real people in front. So the violent protests stopped. Fascists always plays this game.(2)

Crime against women and following mass protest is not new thing india. Lot of protests happened. But after some time all forgot the issue and moved on to new issues.

What lesson we learned from all these crimes and reactions? Nothing. It is simply repeating. So please stop reacting. Step back for a moment and think.

Why this happening?

There are a lot of socio, political, economical, health, educational issues behind this. Without addressing all we will never stop this menace. But all want silver bullet. Because in reality all hate real changes. Our unconscious mind. We know everything.

Rape is an act to assert power. It is less about sex. The perpetrator want to show off that he is in charge. In real life he is insulted and suppressed by the ruling class. When he get a weak person he unleashes that suppression. He can do anything he want irrespective of the consequence. So reducing rape to a sexual act misses whole issues.

Why he want to assert his power?

In 2008 world capitalism failed. After that it never get back. Huge number of people lost their jobs. Houses foreclosed. But stock market came back to normal. So the rich took the whole money. Now 3 people have more wealth than bottom 3.5 billion people. There is no growth in wages. The work people do is less satisfying. They think they deserve more.

People are angry. But the rich has so much wealth. What will happen if the poor unleash their anger against the rich? They will loose all of their money. So they want to divert people’s attention as well as want to get more money. This is classic 1920s situation. There comes the fascist parties. Their ideology is based on hate. They hate minorities and attack them. This creates perfect misdirection in the real economics and politics of the country. They have full support from the ruling party. See how many rape criminal, including Kathva case, got red carpet welcome from the elected officials of the fascist ruling party. These are directions to the people.

But what happens to the the hate?

The hate will remain there in their own minds. Once they come back to home, there is no old minorities. Only wife or children will be there. The hate works there. This time victim will be own family member. Sometimes it may be neighbors or fellow travelers. There will be always somebody to hate.

According to the latest Indian government data, crimes against women increased 6 percent in 2017 over the previous year.

Movies, TV, media and ad objectifying women body

The movies and other fictional art works reduces women to an object of hero’s actions. Rape and sex are common themes in movies and TV. This gives both men, women and children wrong ideas. I wrote about it long back.(3) Violence ins movies are unbearable. They say its for originality. But it really affects people.

If you really want to end this menace

1. Stop hating others.
2. Stop paying money to movies
3. Improve public education.
4. Work for economic stability and justice.
5. Ensure system that provide better food to people. Aadhaar kind of systems actually stopped source of food for lot of poor people.
6. Media should not describe the detailed actions done in rape cases. Talk less, but do not ignore.
7. Leave social media. Social media is making people as animal.

Act positively. Blaming others or punishing will not help.

1. Hyderabad Rape Murder Case Communalised
2. Kerala hoax hartal: Ex RSS worker and whatsapp group admins arrested
3. Media and Crime against women

Written by: Jagadees.S

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