In the Absence of Richard Stallman OEM Source Software (‘Open Source’) is Trying to Hijack Even Emacs

In 1983 an unknown (at the time) person began the Free software movement — a movement by which to free users from the software chaining them with corrupt copyright laws. He and his group, the Free Software Foundation, worked for decades to turn the idea into reality. Now millions of people are using their software without knowing it or while wrongly naming it.

The idea or the concept of users’ freedom is a dangerous one to the ruling class, the 1%. So they want the users controlled; they should be contained. They came up with a new name for an old idea. That was the OEM Source Software (“Open Source”). Of course they got more media coverage, that’s because of some rather obvious reasons.

It’s like old child labour or a slavery issue. When there were protests to end child labour or slavery the businesspeople were crying that the economy would crash etc. But now if you ask them, they will scratch their heads and ask, “what is slavery or child labour?” Now they are advocates of slavery-free, child labour-free workplace. At the same time they’ve implemented the 13th amendment and offshored the work to Bangladesh.

So, coming to our issue, you have the original team, the Free software team, which is for users’ freedom and the new team, OSS, which is for… I don’t know… they say words like “community” and “open” etc but actually it’s for the corporate profits.

For 2 decades things went on as they did. But now a major blow/misfortune happened to the Free software movement. Its founder is charged with a thought-crime. The thought-police initiated a digital lynch mob to justify his firing from his own organisation. So he is out.

At the same time this OSS bunch thinks that they are the only people with a voice. All others will be silent because of fear of thought-crime charges, an effective censorship mechanism. So the empire is ready. Now they have to create some fictional history. No need to worry. Lots of existing successful achievements of Free software are there. So take it and rebrand it, right?

Yes, that’s already happening. On 4 Oct 2019 Joshua Allen Holm (Community Moderator), Mike Bursell (Red Hat, Community Moderator), Lauren Pritchett (Red Hat) and Don Watkins (Community Moderator) wrote an article. In that article they rebranded a lot of Free software as theirs. The worst thing in their list was some software called emacs — the first true Free software that appeared on this planet and was written by the same Richard Stallman.

This is how history is created by the ruling class. the question is whether you accept it or not. Will you let it happen? Let all freedom-loving people be united and end this crazy unethical takeover of Free software.

Written by: Jagadees.S

Nullius in verba

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