Who is god

Like all other fiction, God is a chain that allows a few people(1%) to control and exploit the rest of the humanity and make them to live in a virtual world.

You can break that chain. But after that you will be alone. You have to take responsibility of you. You have to face consequence of what you do. You cannot blame others. You may loose heaven, that you may get after your death. But may be you can make your life before death like heaven.

Even though, I respect your beliefs. And I think one day you will get enough strength to break that chain. Like Voltaire said, you have the right to believe in what ever you like. Even though I reject/criticize it, I will give my life to protect your right to believe in what ever you like.

Voltaire was a philosopher who lived in 18th century France. We are living in 21st century. By the 300 years, still we did not able to consume this idea. Without that we are fighting with each other. why? There is some major issue in our society. This is not issue in Kerala or India. Its global issues. To solve those issues, first thing to do is understand it.

Written by: Jagadees.S

Nullius in verba

ലേഖനം മലയാളത്തില്‍ വായിക്കാന്‍
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